Guy’s Approach to Autism

An autistic person is more than the external behaviours they display.

To best support them, we need to see through to the true person beneath and create the optimal environment in which they can thrive.

Guy has written extensively on how he approaches supporting children with autism, both in his book, and in the many articles he has written for the Transforming Autism charity.

In short, Guy's approach is based on the idea that autism cannot be addressed by trying to "solve" the individual "problems" of children's behaviours, but rather by looking to the person that lies behind those behaviours and understanding them with a view to being able to bring out the best in them.

It involves creating an environment around the autistic child that gives them the warmth and sense of security that they need in order to be able to thrive.

This takes time, and involves commitment on our part, as parents or carers, to change aspects of our daily life, how we use our family time, and even how we manage our own emotions (as these impact to an unsuspected extent on autistic people).  Guy explains nmore about this in his article on Containment.

Once we recognise the true nature of the child within, give them dedicated time to help them to feel safe in a meaningful playful reciprocal relationship, and contain them effectively, then we maximise their chances of reaching their potential.

The way Guy's family learnt to do this - with much help and support - and implemented it to transform their son's life, is detailed in the book, Transforming Autism.  Reading this will give you a good idea whether you feel this approach is something your family could benefit from.

Please note, any advice or guidance that Guy offers is based on his personal experience and understanding of autism, and not on any professional psychotherapy or other qualification.


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