If you resonate with Guy's approach to autism, and feel that it could be of benefit to your family, you might like to consider an autism consultation.

Please note that rather than trying to deal with difficulties by isolating individual issues and trying to find solutions for them, the focus will be much more on creating an environment in which the child can begin to feel at ease with himself or herself and confident to co-exist with the world around him/her (though, of course, this will include guidance on how best to handle such situations when they arise).  Guy has found this to be a far more effective way of making progress, and that through this, the individual issues themselves can gradually and naturally be resolved.

Please also note that Guy specialises in younger children with autism.  Much of his approach and suggestions could be very useful for children of all ages, but the older they are, and certainly once they hit double digits, there may be some aspects that Guy will not be able to help with, though even at this age and older, he will still be able to guide and support the establishment of that all critical environment that is key to being able to establish calm and reduce anxiety, allowing the autistic child to grow.


Who Should Attend?

It would be ideal if both parents (if applicable) and all those who care closely for the child could attend.  The difficulty with having children present is that if they are in the room when we discuss difficulties (especially if they get any sense from the conversation that they are the source of those difficulties), this is likely to entrench within them a negative self-perception and loss of hope.  Even if they appear to be oblivious or not understand, this is still likely to be the case (this is explained in more depth in the book).  So ideally, children should not be present, and sessions can take place when they are at school or could be left with grandparents or trusted carers.

However, we appreciate that these options are not always available, so in these cases, we can meet, but on the understanding that we are all very careful to avoid speaking about the child as a problem, and we can briefly discuss any issues by email or phone prior to meeting.  If 2 adults attend, then one of them may at times need to leave the room with the child while the other explains any difficulties.


What preparations should I make before the session?

It would be helpful to write a brief message (up to around 300 words) summarising your current situation and what you feel you need from the session.  It would also be helpful if you could send a couple of brief videos (up to about a minute each) to illustrate your concerns, however, this is not essential.  You might also like to read the book, Transforming Autism, so that you already understand the basics of the approach and we can make more progress during the session, though again, this is not essential.


Where are sessions held?

Guy is based in Feltham (TW13), not far from Heathrow Airport.  It is also possible to conduct sessions via Skype (or similar) if travel is an issue.


What is the cost of a session?

A session costs £85 (GBP), and lasts for up to an hour.  The first session involves a lot of information gathering, and may extend beyond an hour, on occasions up to an hour an a half, but no additional charge is made for this.


What if I'm not happy?

If following your first session you are not fully satisfied, please email Guy within 48 hours of that session and a full refund will be made to your account (UK bank transfer only).


What are the next steps?

For an initial conversation, Contact Guy with your details and a brief description of your situation, your child's age, your location and a summary or your main concerns relating to your child.

If you feel you are ready to book a consultation with Guy, please contact him direct at